So you tasted our Dilly Beans, Cucumber Pickles or Carrots and liked them enough to buy a jar. Now what? We've got some inspirational ideas for what do do with them (besides eating the whole jar in one sitting, because you just can't stop). 

Snack, Snack, Snack! All three of these really shine as a snack. Pack them with your lunch or serve them as a side with a sandwich.  Eat them in the middle of the night when you're craving a salty snack. 

Serve them as an appetizer- Add any of them to a crudite or charcuterie plate. Dilly Beans are delicious dipped in hummus. Firecracker Carrots pair very well with meats and cheeses. If you have all three on hand, you can put out a mixed pickle plate! Everyone will be amazed at how fancy you are. 

Spice up a Bloody Mary- Aside from eating them directly out of the jar, this is my favorite way to eat all three of these ferments. I like my Bloody Marys to basically be a salad with a booze, so I go crazy and add all three ferments, with celery and an olive. Add some of the Firecracker Carrot brine for an extra kick. 

Pizza topping- People are often very skeptical about this one, but the Firecracker Carrots in particular, make a great pizza topping. 



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